Friday, August 5, 2011

The economics of cigarette smoking.

People ask me how much my sessions cost and whether there are guarantees that they will stop smoking after hypnosis. My answer is that you will stop  smoking after treatment, but that you may find yourself going back to behaviour occasionally due to stress of one sort or another, and that you can return at that time for another session to steer you back.

Some feel that this is a form of failure, to start smoking again after paying good money to stop, but let`s look at it this way for a minute. A pack of cigarettes cost about $10 a pack, and most smokers will spend that each day every day, week after week, totalling $3650 per year! So if you manage to go three months without a cigarette after attending one of my seminars, you will have saved $900 and given your lungs 12 weeks of opportunity to heal...and the great news is that you`ve discovered a safe and easy way to stop the habit again if you ever need to.

So the answer to how much the sessions really cost is that you are costing yourself thousands of dollars a year and ruining your health one cigarette at a time if you don`t attend now. Now, having said that, it takes some courage to commit to stopping smoking now, and I sincerely applaud your determination to quit, so feel free to call me at 905 630 2438 and we can discuss this further.

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